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Keep your hypothalamus happy!  

The hypothalamus is a small gland located in the center of the head behind the eyes. In humans, it is roughly the size of an almond.


The hypothalamus is a very busy gland! It is responsible for growth, reproduction, digestion, assimilation, metabolism and protein deposition in the cells.

It also controls triglycerides, cholesterol

and fatty acid distribution throughout the body.

It indirectly creates hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

*If the hypothalamus is out of balance,

it doesn't release the correct hormones to the pituitary.*


*Proper functioning of the hypothalamus is crucial in successful weight management.*


Dr. Simeons believed that

HCG RESETS the Hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is responsible for certain metabolic processes and other activities of the Autonomic Nervous System. It synthesizes and secretes neurohormones, often called hypothalamic-releasing hormones, and these in turn stimulate or inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones. The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, thirst,[1] fatigue, and circadian cycles.-- Wikipedia.


Causes of Imbalance in the Hypothalamus:


  • MSG is one of the primary culprits in the hypothalamus not functioning properly. Here are two short articles for you to read that backs this up. Red Clover herb has been shown to protect us from the damaging effects of MSG.  


Other names for MSG are "Yeast Extract" and  "Autolyzed Yeast." 





  • Xenoestrogens in pesticides and common household cleaning supplies negatively impact the hypothalamus as well as the entire endocrine system.


  •  Artificial sweeteners also weaken the hypothalamus.


Support for the Hypothalamus:



  • Other beneficial products are 5-HTP, Bee Pollen, Chlorophyll, Eyebright, Garlic, Herbal CA formula (plant sourced calcium), Hi Lipase (fat digestion), MSM, Potassium, Red Raspberry, Red Clover and Thyme.   http://panhandlesunshine.com/?sn=823-5


Contact Martha at Herbs Etc. 1-888-HERBS-01 (437-2701) or go to www.panhandlesunshine.com.

We welcome your inquiries!

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